10 Daytrips From Bansko, Bulgaria

You won’t run out of things to do.

Stark Raving
3 min readSep 5, 2022


Pirin national park — photo by the author

Imagine a small mountain village, juxtaposed with a modern ski resort, and surrounded by abandoned buildings that are an urbex-ers dream. Bansko is a beautiful town and one that is like no other. Whether in summer or winter, it is a great place to be, whether you want to stroll the streets of the old town or head up into the clouds for hiking, mountain biking or skiing.

In recent years, a growing number of remote workers, including myself, have made Bansko their base due to the beautiful nature around it, as well as the great quality of life and the vibrant international community.

While Bansko itself attracts thousands of tourists every year, many stay in the town. For anyone who is there a little bit longer, it is wonderful to take day trips to the surroundings.

1. Have a spa day in the village of Hotsprings

A ten-minute drive from Bansko is the village of Banya, which literally translate as “Bath”. It is located on top of a geyser that produces hot water all year round, and locals can even enjoy free hot water from pipes throughout the village. Visitors, meanwhile, will love the many hot spring and spa centres. Lie in hot water, and soak your troubles, and your loose skin, away. One of the best options is Izgreva Hotsprings, which has a low-key, family vibe and an excellent restaurant on site.

2. Take a hike in the Pirin National Park

The biggest draw of Bansko is its close proximity to the nearby Pirin mountain range. As you drive into town, you see the beautiful peaks rising above you, and wherever you are in Bansko, their graceful silhouette is never far away. But up close, there are even more beautiful, and you can quickly find yourself

3. Visit Plovdiv

Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s second biggest city, and one of Europe’s most underrated. Walking the cobbled streets, you can feel the weight of several millennia of history. There are two beautiful roman ampitheatres, as well as a crumbling district of ottoman merchant houses. There is also an artsy, hipster arts district filled with cool cafés, restaurants, and bars. It is an easy city to…



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