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It confirms what we already knew.

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Videos of child sex abuse, rape, footage from spy cams, “revenge porn” are shockingly common on the world’s biggest porn site, PornHub, according to a report this week by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof in New York Times.

In his damning article, he recounts the struggle of Serena K. Fleite, who sent a naked video to a boy she had a crush on when she was 14. He shared it with friends, and someone posted it on PornHub. Her world imploded. Boys started demanding she send them videos and threatening to show her mum if she did not. She changed…

It raises the temperature of the testicles, preventing them from producing sperm

Screenshot by the author — from Youtube

When an ex told me his new method of contraception was strange ball-squeezing underwear that looks like a medieval torture device, I have to admit that I was somewhat satisfied. We had parted ways on less than friendly terms.

I was of course confused as to why, when we caught up several years later, he felt compelled to talk to me about his birth control methods with his new girlfriend, but at least it led me to the quirky discovery of the “slip chauffant” or “heated briefs”, an obscure method of contraception developed by a French doctor. They push the…

How to find ideas when you’re drawing a blank

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

There are few things more frustrating as a writer than sitting down at your computer and being unable to find an idea for what to write about. You circle around social media, fingers ready but mind blank, feeling utterly useless. This has been one of those weeks. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time to write, or that the words weren’t flowing, it was just that as hard as I tried I could not find inspiration anywhere.

Maybe it is because the sun is starting to shine, and all my ideas involve trips to the beach and walks through daffodils…

Difficulties in focusing aren’t a personality flaw. They are often the result of trauma.

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

Some of the consequences of being sexually assaulted were predictable. I’m jumpier now, sometimes I leap a foot into the air when someone touches my arm unexpectedly or takes me by surprise as they round the corner. Then there are those times when I’m in bed with someone I really want to be in bed with but for some reason my every cell ignites with fear, or I start crying, and I have no answer when he asks me what is wrong.

My relationship with my body changed too. I’m no longer quite at home in my home. It is…

Rather than working for “exposure” find clients who have something to offer you.

Image by Sue Styles from Pixabay

A friend from my coworking space exchanged a few hours work helping a local ski shop with its spreadsheets for an entire season of free snowboard rentals. Another stayed for free in four-star hotels across Portugal in exchange for managing their social media platforms. A third works from the Coworking space for free in exchange for taking beautiful photos of the community that the Coworking can use for its advertising.

That is respectively around 500$, 1000$ and 200$ saved.

Young freelancers often hear that they should never accept unpaid work for “exposure” and I agree with that 100%. Accepting to…

I can’t wait to get back on the road, but travel will have changed for good.

Photo by Jérémie Crémer on Unsplash

I miss sleepy mornings after long overnight bus rides, arriving in a new city and drinking sweet coffee as I wander around unfamiliar streets. I miss arriving in hostels and meeting ten different people from 15 different countries. I miss driving a scooter around shady jungle roads, the feeling of sand in suncream as you rub it on your already burned body at the beach, drinking tea with locals as they tell you about their lives so far from yours and yet so similar.

I miss traveling, and I’m not alone. Coronavirus destroyed many people's plans for vacations, backpacking trips…

Not necessarily.

“Every man I meet wants to protect me. I can’t figure out what from,” — Mae West

I’m not gonna tell men not to be protective, because lovers should be protective of each other, regardless of gender. It’s just that the way men have been taught to be protective is infantilising and can go against women’s actual interests. Too often, it presumes what is best for women without asking them, or by openly going against their requests. Too often, protection looks either like control or a technique of imposing guilt on women so that they control themselves.

Because while love…

15 French volunteers just emerged from an experiment on life ‘beyond time.’

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

They emerged looking pale but healthy, and with smiles as warming as the sun on their faces. Fifteen French volunteers spent 40 days in a cave in an experiment to see how humans adapt to the absence of markers of time. By the end, they were reluctant to leave. “It was like pressing pause,” said Marina Lançon, who told The Guardian she would happily have spent a few more days down there. She planned to wait a few more days before looking at her smartphone to avoid a “brutal” return to everyday life.

A quick-fire guide to being a digital nomad

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

The digital nomad lifestyle is about finding a balance between traveling and working so that you can still earn enough money but still see more of a place than your hotel room and coworking spaces.

This may seem like a challenge at first, but as you adjust to changing location and working on the road, you will see that coordinating working and traveling is enriching on both ends. Traveling inspires you, keeps you motivated, and prevents you from falling into a dull routine. Working keeps you connected, gives you a project to work on, and finances your amazing experiences.


“I don’t know, maybe stop dating 18-year-olds that need a Kickstarter campaign just to eat dinner”

Image from Source

“It’s easy to date a hot woman! All you need is to pay for everything for her!” an acquaintance of mine joked in a group chat recently. A former coworker commented on an April Fool’s Post of someone saying “Yes! Bitcoin has gone up so much I bought myself a yacht!” with the words “Now just watch the women in bikinis come running!” Hearing this from people in my social circle was particularly aggravating, and drove home how widely spread this vision is. …

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