A non-extensive list of times she didn’t say No.

Stark Raving
3 min readFeb 20, 2023
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She didn’t say no because they were grown-up. She did what she was told because that was what she was supposed to do. Go and give Granny a kiss. Give Gramps a hug, don’t be shy. Don’t be a brat. Don’t be rude. He’ll be upset if you don’t. Respect your elders.

Why? Because I said so.

She didn’t say no because she was well-behaved and compliant. A good little girl. That’s what they told her.

I don’t like it, she said.

They said Shh.

She shushed.

She had been taught to do things she did not like for her own good. Spoonfuls of Calpol and going to school and pinprick vaccines. Brave girl.

She didn’t say no because she trusted them. No other choice. Kids’ survival depends on trusting adults. Some adults fail to grasp the immense responsibility that gives them. Some of them love the power.

She didn’t say no because she was 16 and ready for new experiences, ready for romance and ready for sex. She wanted him because he was older and sexy and the first person to tell her she was beautiful and smart and So Mature For Her Age.

She thought it was a love story. What he loved about her was her malleability. The blank page of who she would become, the choices she would…



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