A Queen’s Aide Refuses to Believe a Black Woman is British

It should come as no surprise that the Royal Family is a deeply racist institution.

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Picture courtesy of Sistah Space

The leader of the British charity Sistah Space was interrogated and harassed by Prince William’s godmother and aide to the queen Lady Susan Hussey during a visit to Buckingham Palace.

A description of the exchange reads like a cruel parody of a Britain that should be long dead.

Aide: Where are you from?

Ngozi Fulani: Sistah Space.

Aide: No, where do you come from?

Ngozi: We’re based in Hackney.

Aide: No, what part of Africa are you from?

Ngozi: I don’t know, they didn’t leave any records.

Aide: Well, you must know where you’re from. I spent time in France. Wher ar you from.

Ngozi: Here. Uk.

Aide: No, but what Nationality are you?

Ngozi: I am born here and am British.

Aide: No, but where do you really come from, where do your people come from? Oh, I can see I’m going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from. When did you first come here?

Ngozi: Lady! I am a British national, my parents came here in the 50s when…

Aide: Oh, I knew we’d get there in the end. You’re Caribbean!

Ngozi: No Lady, I am of African heritage, Caribbean descent and British nationality.

Aide: Oh so you’re from…


Ngozi Fulani likened the conversation to an “interrogation” and “abuse”. As the head of Sistah Space, a charity which provides support for women of African and Caribbean heritage affected by abuse, Fulani was invited to Buckingham palace for a reception for charity workers fighting domestic abuse.

“I have to really question how this can happen in a space that’s supposed to protect women against all kinds of violence,” Fulani told BBC. “You’re trying to make me unwelcome in my own space”, she said.

The aide has since resigned, and the palace described the remarks as “unacceptable and…



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