Can You Fly With Sex Toys?

And things to know before you do.

Stark Raving
3 min readNov 9, 2023


Photo by Gwen Mamanoleas on Unsplash

I like to travel light. Only the essentials. However, there is one essential that I always end up leaving behind.

My loyal vibrator.

I don’t want to leave it. I lay it out on my bed with my panties, pa,ssport and other things to be packed. Then I sigh and put it back in the drawer of my nightstand.

It just isn’t worth the risk, which I can picture oh-so-clearly in my mind.

I’m going through security. My laptop, tablet and other random mess is spread through 3 trays. I’m flustered. My bag doesn’t come through — it has been sent to where the naughty bags go. A security agent in latex gloves calls me over. They have spotted something pointy in my bag. They have to inspect. They pull out my bright pink vibrator for everyone to see.

I promptly melt into a puddle of awkwardness on the floor.

It is a shame, though. I’m a solo traveller. I like to be fully independent. I’m pretty sure if I’d been back-packing with my vibe, it would have saved me from multiple regrettable holiday hook-ups.

So, as I prepare for my next voyage, I decided to do a bit of research and work out how to bring my favourite phallic bit of silicone with me.

Are sex toys…



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