Five “Uncool” Hobbies That Have Made a Comeback

Younger generations are all about the geek chic and have given a new breath to unfashionable pastimes.

Stark Raving


Photo by Andrej Nihil on Unsplash

Cool girls cross-stitch feminist statements onto tea towels.

Sexy boys dig through bins of vintage clothing to find unique, quirky clothes.

Ditching the bar to play Dungeons and Dragons in a basement on Friday evenings is no longer a shameful secret but a pleasure to be captured in selfies and posted to your story.

Over the past few years, a major shift has taken place. Hobbies that used to be associated with generations gone by, or social outcasts, have entered the mainstream. Young people are celebrating nerdiness, crafts, and lowkey, homely activities.

I love seeing this revival because it shows a renewed interest in enjoying experiences rather than material possessions. It shows that people are slowing down, doing things with their hands and enjoying the process rather than constantly hunting for the next dopamine hit to purchase.

It shows that social media has successfully destigmatised being an introvert, being a nerd and taking part in therapeutic activities. It is proof that for many people, the shift to more sustainable living isn’t a chore but a cure for much of the stress of today’s world.

Covid-19 surely had a role to play in this cultural shift. As we were all stuck at home, we had to find ways to fill the time, and knitting, making cakes and adopting house plants had never seemed like such a good idea.

Here are five examples of old-fashioned hobbies that are cool af today.

1. Board Games

Board games can transport you and your friends to whichever universe you want. You can spend an evening solving problems, strategising and exploring, allowing you to unplug, socialise, and indulge in some friendly competition.

Around 3,000 new games are released every year, and the market is quickly growing. Meanwhile, board game cafes and tabletop gaming clubs are creating real-life communities around this hobby.

2. Knitting



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