Hacks for Decision Making, from an Eternally Indecisive Person

I’ve got quite good at overcoming my natural aversion to committing to a choice.

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3 min readAug 15, 2022


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When I reread my childhood journals, they are filled with tortured, self-contradictory streams of consciousness, as I tried to work through decisions that were ultimately so unimportant that I couldn't remember a single one. As an adult, my planners are filled with pro and cons lists that I give up on half way through, afraid of having to make a choice.


I am scared of decisions. I suffer more from FOMO than anyone I know, and any decision means missing out. Most of the fear of decisions that I experience is not linked to anxiety over what will happen if I chose option A, but mourning everything that will not happen if I don’t choose option B.

This indecisiveness has determined a lot of things about my life. In College, I ended up doing a dual bachelor's in Maths and Political Science. Which basically meant that I was doing two degrees, in two different universities, and sleeping around two hours a night. I became a digital nomad so I wouldn't have to choose a home town. I take on too many projects because I can’t decide which to prioritise.


And so, given my personality, you’ll understand my fascination, nay, obsession, with finding hacks to make decisions easier. Last week I came across this article by Sahil Bloom entitled “The Most Powerful Decision Making Razors”. He explains that a “razor” is a “rule of thumb that simplifies decision making”. I like the word, and its implications. It sounds like such a rule would cut through doubts and confusions, and neatly cut to the point.

I strongly recommend reading the article, but in the meantime, here are a few of my favourite “razors”, as laid out by Mr Bloom.

The Luck Razor

When choosing between two paths, choose the path that has a larger luck surface area.

Ie: make the decision that gives you the most chance of getting lucky. This will significantly increase the amount of luck you are ultimately likely to achieve.

Taleb’s “Look the Part” Test



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