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Erm… you kinda missed the point there.

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“We, the counsellors of Southhaven Middle School, would like to have an opportunity to offer some healthy literature on maintaining a positive body image. We are also providing girls with shapewear, bras, and other health products if applicable.”

You, the counsellors of Southhaven Middle School, have completely missed the point.

Not only do we face judgment from other people but we also struggle with internalized slut-shaming.

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I had a goodconnexion with a guy I was seeing: We would have these long debates and experienced a sort of intellectual joy at having found someone whose brain worked in a similar way, someone with the same level of ADHD that allowed us to dart from topic to topic…

There are many types of love, and too many go unsaid.

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Harry had knee-length dreadlocks and a cheeky grin. Five dogs and a caravan. He worked as a carpenter and made beautiful wooden cabinets. He believed that the mould would grow more beautifully on expired food if you spoke to it “kindly”. He believed that crystals could just as well cure…

Stark Raving

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