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It’s a real-life, twisted fairy tale. Princess Latifa released a video calling for help, saying she was held captive in a villa converted into a prison, surrounded by policemen.

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Source: BBC

In 2018, Princess Latifa attempted a daring escape from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Her confidante and Capoeira instructor Tiina Jauhianien helped her sneak out of the country and reach Oman. From there, they rode a dinghy and a jet ski, way out into international waters. From there, they boarded the yacht that was their ticket to freedom. It was supposed to sail Latifa across the Indian Ocean from where she would fly to the United States to claim political asylum. …

Not only are soaps for your bikini region unhealthy, but they also perpetuate stereotypes that your vagina is “dirty”

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Photo by Billie on Unsplash

Vagisil, a cosmetics company specialized in vaginal care products, has launched a new selection of products geared towards teen girls. They are decorated with pastel-colored confetti, and the range is called OMV — a play on OMG, which presumably translates as Oh My Vag. Products include “no sweat wipettes” that fit in your pocket, and “Bikini Anti-Itch Serum” to relieve irritation after shaving. “So, when you jump in the shower, or want to freshen up after practice, or soothe your skin after shaving, OMV! has you covered,” writes the website.

How “Intimate” Cosmetics Prey on Intimate Insecurities

“Intimate” cleaning products annoy me at the best of times…

Your emotions matter, but you shouldn’t always believe them.

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Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

The best advice anyone has ever given me was three simple words:

“This isn’t real.”

I was with a close friend, walking around town and chatting about life. I was hungover at the time and feeling upset and insecure about some drama which was heartwrenching at the time, but that I now can’t remember at all. “You have to remember, this isn’t real,” she told me. “Nothing that you think or feel for the next 24 hours is real. Take care of yourself. Get through it. Then you will be able to see clearly.”

She didn’t say it didn't matter…

Over-sexualised as a child, infantilised as an adult: the way in which the world treated Britney puts sexism on full display.

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Britney Spears performing in 2011 — photo via Wikimedia commons

Britney Spears smiles stiffly as journalists ask her questions about her body, her boyfriends, whether or not she has had sex yet. She is just a teenager, already skyrocketing to success, and reporters old enough to be her father treat her with the peculiar mix of perving and patronising that will become the media — and society’s — way of treating the young star for the next thirty years of her life. On the one hand, they treat her like a silly little girl, not worthy of respect, despite the fact that she is immensely talented and already better known…

Facing sexism every day, in every aspect of life, can lead to a deep psychological exhaustion.

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Photo by Jacob Townsend on Unsplash

There are days when I want to throw the towel in, stand up, say f*ck it, I’m not doing it this anymore, I’m too tired, it’s too painful, I’m fed up of marches and tweets and articles and arguments, I’ve spent so much time yelling at a world that isn’t listening and my voice is hoarse and I could cry, but someone would just tell me to calm down and stop being hysterical.

There are days when I want to give up, when I wish I could turn off my activism and not care about sexism any more, when I…

Many child sex offenders were “repulsed” by the idea of paedophilia. Until extreme porn started changing their desires.

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Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash

Mark is a fisherman by trade, and when he talks about his child porn addiction, he sticks to nautical terms. “It was like cast your net out there, and see what you can find … You just go click, click, click, and you don’t realize what it is … Adult, teen, child — you get it all because it’s all mixed together. It’s like all thrown out in the sea … You put your hook down and don’t know what you’ll pull up. … And with porn, you can’t throw it back.”

He is currently serving 17 and a half…

Their settlement money is being treated as a wage — as though being assaulted were a job.

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Photo by Kyle Broad on Unsplash

“We aren’t gonna get a relief check bc the American govt counts my wife’s sexual assault settlement as income. Like it was her job.” I saw these words on Twitter yesterday, written by comedian Drew Morgan with his wife’s permission, and felt a little sick to the stomach. He went on to explain “We didn’t save the money bc we used it to pay down debt. I haven’t worked for a year. Everything is a nightmare … Lol every bit of our debt was medical or student loans. Guys — our shit is broken.”

The reason for this is that…

In the 15th century, thousands of witches were accused, tortured, strangled and burned. Now Scottish women are campaigning to “right a terrible miscarriage of justice.”

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Photo by Halanna Halila on Unsplash

The Scottish Parliament is being asked to grant a formal pardon, an official apology and new national memorial to the 4000 witches who were killed between 1563 and 1736. While witch hunts were prevalent throughout Europe during this time, Scotland had five more cases than any other country, says Claire Mitchell, the lawyer who launched the petition. “Alas, at finding and killing witches, we excelled,” she says, bitterly. “Of them, 85% were women … They were routinely forced to confess through torture, both physical and mental. The stripping and pricking of women was common, as was sleep deprivation.”

Mitchell co-hosts…

After TERFs most popular subreddit was banned from Reddit, they formed their own toxic community

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Over the past few days, I’ve spent a lot of time digging deep into the internet — and by that I mean I actually went onto the Google search results past page 1 or 2 — to see what had survived of the feminist blogosphere.

I’ve written before about how many feminist websites have closed down for lack of funding. …

The Congresswoman announced she was sexually assaulted. Her testimony makes it easier for other women to talk about their experiences.

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Image by author via canva

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hid in the bathroom as rioters stormed her office. She heard one of them yelling “Where is she? Where is she?” Peering through the door hinge, she could see it was a Capitol Police Officer, but she didn’t know if he was there to help or to hurt the Congresswoman and staff hiding inside. She said he looked at her with “anger and hostility” and did not identify himself as law enforcement. She “feared for her life” that day, she says, and the experience reignited old trauma. In an Instagram live yesterday night, watched by over 150 000…

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