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When it Comes to Physical and Mental Endurance, Women Have an Edge.

Photo by Capstone Events on Unsplash

After 18 months of lockdown, many competitors in this year’s Western States Endurance run were a little out of practice. The average pace was the third-slowest in the 47 years since the race began, and at 66 percent, the finisher rate was lower than usual. And yet women performed excellently — maintaining a consistent or even better pace than in past years. In fact, out of the top 30 finishers, half of them were women. Beth Pascall, the first woman, came seventh overall, finishing the race in 17 hours 10 minutes 42 seconds. …

Alen Hadzic was banned from the Olympic village and kept away from his team. So why is he still representing the US?

Photo by Eugene Lim on Unsplash

The sexual assault allegations about one of the men on the US fencing team are so severe that a “safety plan” had to be created to keep him out of the Olympic village and away from his female teammates.

After Alen Hadzic was named an alternate on the USA Fencing team, six women fencers penned a letter to the Olympic committee, stating that Hadzic should not represent the US while he was still under investigation for three alleged incidents of sexual misconduct between 2013 and 2015. His participation in the games is a “direct affront” to women athletes and puts…

Bye Berlin. Forget Budapest. This small city has art and music on every corner.

The colorful streets of the Kapana Art District (Photo by the author)

Europe’s newest place to watch is also its oldest continuously habited city: Plovdiv, a city of 340 000 inhabitants in the South of Bulgaria. People have lived on this site since the 7th millennium BC. It has seen civilisations come and go: the Greeks, the Thracians, the Romans, the Ottomans, the Soviets. At the crossroads between Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East, close to the borders of Turkey, Greece and Romania, Plovdiv is a fascinating city where cultures meet and melt, and layers of history sit atop of those that came before.

You won’t believe some of these.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Having trust in medical professionals is essential because they possess the knowledge to save your life, they are the ones that point you to other professionals and the care you need. Yet far too often, women have a difficult relationship with their doctors. In the same way that most of us have a story of sexual assault, most women also have a story of a doctor that they would rather forget. A doctor that judged their sexual or reproductive choices, that shamed them because of their weight or dismissed their pain.

Buzzfeed urged women to share the most condescending and…

Make the most of Medium’s new features!

Screenshot by the author

Big changes are coming to the land of Medium. The one that has everyone talking is the new Creator Fellowship which some writers were invited to apply for. It will offer a minimum guarantee of earnings from August through October, starting at $200. The model appears to be similar to Newsbreak, which used to offer writers a contract with minimum monthly earnings, on the condition of having a certain amount of traffic. I feel fortunate that I was invited to apply to Medium’s Creator Fellowship. Fingers crossed I’ll get accepted. …

Escape the pressure of modern communication.

Photo by Piero Nigro on Unsplash

I still remember the thrill of receiving an envelope with my name scrawled on it. When I moved to France from the UK at the age of 11, letters were the only way to communicate with the friends I left behind.

Lonely, in a new country, I longed for these letters. Each one was a gift, something a loved one had taken the time to create, to take to the post office and send off into the mysterious void of the postal system. Writing them gave sense to my life, it was a time when I sat down, paused, and…

How about everyone just lets women wear what they want to wear?

Photo courtesy of Norway’s Beach Handball Women’s Team on Instagram

Norway’s women’s beach handball team has been fined $1700 after players wore shorts instead of the mandatory bikini bottoms during a Euro 2021 game against Spain in Varna, Bulgaria this weekend. The International Handball Federation requires women to wear bikini bottoms “with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg,” the sides of which can be no more than 10 centimeters long. Men, meanwhile, can wear shorts up to 10 centimeters above the knee so long as they aren’t too “baggy”, and tank tops rather than the midriff-baring tops women must wear.


It will help you overcome the fear of what others think.

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

Sometimes we just get stuck. We can’t solve a problem, we don’t have inspiration, we don’t know how to start a big project or which task to tick off first. Sometimes it feels like our creativity has been sapped like we have no more energy to bring to a project. In my profession, we call it “writer’s block”, but in truth it happens to everyone.

And when it does, I have two words for you: Ecstatic Dance.

Bear with me.

Yes, this sounds like some hippy thing. It is some hippy thing. I am a hippy type person, but also a successful professional…

If you struggle to recall the plot or thesis of the work you read just a week or so ago, this article is for you.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I love books, but no one would believe it if they asked me. I draw a blank when I get asked to narrate the storyline of the most recent novel I read, or when someone asks “what is your favorite book,” or when I try to make arguments based on an essay or article that I read. I struggle to retain the information that I read, which is frustrating at times because I want to be able to share my readings. As an extrovert, I want to be able to make a communal experience from a solitary one.

So I…

We should be concerned about such a violation of consent.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Amongst a surge in Covid infections, increasingly dominated by the Delta Variant, French President Emmanuel Macron announced new measures to fight against the pandemic in a televised speech on Monday.

Compulsory vaccines for health workers and to access public spaces

From 15 September, vaccination will be mandatory for all health workers, he said. Vaccination is a “matter of individual responsibility […] but also a matter of our freedom”, he said, warning that after that date, non vaccinated health care workers may face fines or sanctions. Health Minister Olivier Véran said that any non-vaccinated workers would no longer be paid or authorised to work.

Macron also announced the introduction of an…

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